When you are facing a financial crisis wherein you may file for bankruptcy, there is a chance that you may experience bankruptcy fraud or scam. Similarly, when you are in such a situation, your one wrong move may be translated as fraudulent behavior to the government.

For this reason, it is imperative for every individual considering bankruptcy to know about the common bankruptcy scams and frauds. We have compiled this thorough bankruptcy scam guide to help you avoid making any mistakes or scams to get through your bankruptcy case successfully.

Bankruptcy Scam Guide

Identifying Predatory Practices

There are tons of companies that promise you that they will help you get through bankruptcy. However, often, they can be predators looking to capitalize on your financial misfortune.

Most of the time, such services offer no upfront costs and make outlandish promises. These are the companies you should steer clear of. Similarly, those who help obtain your credit report, file your legal bankruptcy paperwork and get you an attorney are also suspicious.

They are likely going to be scams because you can obtain your credit report online at no cost and even find a reliable and inexpensive attorney. Trusting suspicious companies can also make your financial situation work because they likely don’t have any legal experience filing for bankruptcy. They would cause discrepancies and mistakes in your case, worsening it. Filing for bankruptcy should only be done by a legal professional for this reason.

Overall, you should be careful of companies or services with huge promises and hefty fees. Those services that ask you to pay a fee before receiving any kind of service are likely going to be frauds as well.

So, Who Should You Trust?

As mentioned, only a legal attorney can fill out your bankruptcy paperwork and guide you in the right direction. Not trusting or opting for a bankruptcy lawyer would be a grave mistake.

Hence, if you are facing bankruptcy or considering filing for it, you must opt for a bankruptcy lawyer, depending on your area. They will guide you every step of the way and provide you with a clear and realistic picture of what you should expect, depending on your case. Doing all of this will prevent you from being a victim of any kind of bankruptcy scam or fraud.

The Bottom Line

By consulting with an attorney from a bankruptcy or debt relief law firm in TX or your area, you will have more clarity on who to trust with your case and how to identify fraudulent behavior.

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