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You May Qualify For Debt Relief Under Bankruptcy Code

If you are overloaded with DEBT, RECEIVING THREATENING or HARASSING CALLS from BILL COLLECTORS, or in FEAR OF LOSING YOUR HOME to FORECLOSURE or your vehicle to REPOSSESSION, you have come to the right place.

Bad Things Sometimes Happen To Good People

Unexpected life events or circumstances many times require that people obtain a fresh financial start. In fact, federal law may allow you a fresh start to wipe away debts and save property from foreclosure or repossession while keeping most, if not all, of what you already own.

Are you burdened with insurmountable debt? Are you looking for a trusted debt relief law firm in TX? Your search ends here. We are a name you can trust and rely on. Our experienced debt relief attorney in Corpus Christi, TX, can provide you with quality legal assistance, helping you get your finances back on track. We can evaluate your situation and determine the best debt relief option.

Whether you are struggling with wage garnishments or are served with a debt collection lawsuit in Corpus Christi, we can help. We are a reputed debt relief law firm in Corpus Christi with areas of specialization in all types of debt collection lawsuits, such as credit card lawsuits, medical debt, tax relief, and repossession. Bankruptcy is also our specialty. Contact our bankruptcy attorney in Corpus Christi for assistance. We work relentlessly to defend your case and protect your rights.

If Your Circumstances Qualify, The Law Office Of Joel Gonzalez Can Help You:

Harassing Calls
From Bill Collectors

Foreclosure On
Your Home

Repossession Of
Your Vehicle

Never Ending Credit
Card Debt

Debt Resulting
From You Co-Signing

The “Payday Cash
Advance Cycle”

Lawsuits From
Debt Collection

Garnishment And Levies

Medical Bill Collection

And Erase Most
Judgments Against You

Equity In Your Home

Your Car

Money In A Retirement Account At Work

Peace Of Mind


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We Help People File For Bankruptcy Relief Under The Bankruptcy Code.

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