Tax Relief Service

Failure to pay taxes to the government on time can lead to significant penalties and interest, and the Internal Revenue Service may audit you. The IRS can seize your property and garnish wages for the collection of overdue taxes. Though such a situation is distressful, there is hope. Contact us for relief from tax levies in Corpus Christi. We have years of experience helping individuals and their families in Texas resolve problems with the IRS. Rest assured, we can craft the best strategy for your case and help you set the path to a stress-free life.

Our tax debt lawyers can provide a candid assessment of the relief options available to you according to your specific situation. We work in your best interest, strive to reduce the tax amount you owe, and develop an easy-to-manage repayment plan. Schedule a consultation with us today.


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Actions IRS Can Take Against You

By law, the IRS can take actions that other creditors can’t. Hence, IRS can resort to ways to wreak havoc on your employment, finances, and future. Some of the different types of actions the IRS can take are:

  • Filing a lien
  • Hiring a debt collection agency
  • Selling or seizing your automobile, and home
  • Holding the state income tax refund
  • Criminally prosecuting you
  • Imposing you with severe penalties
  • Charging interest daily on the amount owed
  • Seizing or applying a levy on your pension, life insurance policies, and IRA
  • Seizing or applying a levy on your business account receivables
  • Applying a tax levy on your salary or garnishing your wages

Act fast and seek legal assistance from our experienced tax debt lawyers for relief from tax levies in Corpus Christi. Regardless of the extent or nature of tax debt and tax obligations, we can help. Our lawyers strive to reach the best outcome and favorable resolutions possible. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Presenting an offer in a Compromise deal to lower your tax obligations
  • Negotiating a tax rate in case of IRS errors in the previous tax audit
  • Getting a deferral on tax debt on a short-term basis
  • Negotiating a feasible installment plan for paying debt on a specific period
  • Withdrawal of tax levies and liens
  • Helping you seek protection through bankruptcy (when and if appropriate)

Let us help put your financial troubles behind you and find the most effective way to resolve tax debt. In general, the installment payment or agreement plan is one of the best ways to spread your debt over an extended period. To ensure the option is viable, we strive to get you the best monthly rates so that you can afford to be free of the tax debt without the burden.

Similarly, with an offer in a compromise deal, you can save tons of money (occasionally up to nearly 95 percent of the total amount owed). However, to qualify for it, you must be going through financial hardship and unable to repay debts. Contact us to learn about other tax debt relief methods or seek legal consultation.